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The narrator is an unnamed customhouse surveyor who writes some two hundred years after the events he describes took place. He has much in common with Hawthorne but should not be taken as a direct mouthpiece for the author's opinions. The point of view of the narrator is omniscient, because he analyzes the characters and tells the story in a way that shows that he knows more about the characters than they know about themselves. Yet, he is also a subjective narrator, because he voices his own interpretations and opinions of things.

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The narrator of "The Scarlet Letter" is a nameless, omniscient observer who provides insight into the characters and events of the story. He is not directly involved in the plot and serves as a detached commentator on the events that unfold in the novel.

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Q: What is the occupation of the narrator of The Scarlet Letter?
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What is roger chillingsworth's occupation?

chillingsworth is a doctor in the scarlet letter :) chapter 9

Who are the narrator's of The Scarlet Letter most well-known ancestors?

The narrator's most well-known ancestors in The Scarlet Letter are the Puritans who settled in Massachusetts in the 17th century. They played a significant role in shaping the strict moral and religious environment depicted in the novel.

Who is Jonathan Pue in The Scarlet Letter?

In "The Scarlet Letter," Jonathan Pue is an elderly man who was the former custom-house surveyor in Salem and the narrator of the story. He discovers the scarlet letter and manuscript that tell Hester Prynne's story in the old surveyor's office. Pue's discovery serves as the Framing Device for the narrative.

What does the narrator say Pearl lacks in Scarlet Letter?

The narrator in "The Scarlet Letter" suggests that Pearl lacks a sense of human connection or warmth. Pearl is often described as having a wild and uncontrollable nature, which distances her from the community and makes her seem more like a sprite or fairy than a typical child.

Which letter was The Scarlet Letter?

The letter A was the letter for the scarlet letter.

Is the narrator a dynamic character in The Scarlet Ibis?

The narrator in the scarlet ibis is a dynamic character because he realizes the at points he is mean and selfish with his brother

The Scarlet was the letter?

The letter on the chest of Hester Prynne's dress is a scarlet letter A. A for adultery.

In A Study in Scarlet what occupation does the narrator have at Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers?

"I was duly attached to the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers as Assistant Surgeon." -- John H. Watson, M. D. IN THE 2ND SENTENCE OF THE STORY!

The scarlet letter was which letter?

The Scarlet Letter is a red A, which stands for adultery.

What color is The Scarlet Letter?

"The Scarlet Letter" is typically depicted as red, symbolizing passion, sin, and shame. The color red is used to represent the main theme of the novel and the scarlet letter itself.

When was The Scarlet Letter created?

The Scarlet Letter was created in 1850.

How does the author of The Scarlet Letter organize the first chapter?

The author tries to relate the story of scarlet letter with the letter 'A'. He tries to symbolise the scarlet letter.