What is the objective of goals?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Humans set goals in order to strive toward something. As well, goals allow us to see where we had been, where we are going, and let us know when we have arrived. However, goals are constantly evolving, so we've only arrived at single goals which build on previous goals.

The easiest example of goals is to convert the word "goal" to "wish". An 8th grader wishes he was in high school. He does all his 8th grade classes and homework and he passes to 9th grade. Once in 9th grade, he wishes he was already a 12th grader, a Senior. Every year from 9th to 12th grades, he must consecutively meet externally set goals. Teachers define the work needed; students perform the work. By 12th grade, Seniors can't wait to graduate. "Wish" now becomes a "want" as they complete the applications for college and complete the senior year of HS. The "want" has implied goals: he must write for an application; he must fill it out and return it; he must do an interview; etc. Each step to an "I wish" or "I want" is, in fact, mini-goals which bring him closer to a "major goal". But by graduation from HS, goals are set by the person mostly, rather than by external people. College may require certain classes to achieve a degree, but the student selects when to take most classes (except pre-requisites). By Freshman year of college, the student is only concerned with mini-goals: "How can I ever do all the work that every Professor demands??" Students figure out time management skills, and how to create small goals (like, I'll read 10 pages every day) to achieve a bigger goal (like, I must read the whole chapter in 3 days). Somewhere mid-college, students feel the drive toward graduation just as much as imagining eating a favorite desert! The student has achieved thousands of mini-goals every year of college; graduation day is simply the end of one major goal. But, even before graduation, new goals are already made concerning more schooling, finding a job, etc.

So, setting goals are mini-steps leading to a larger goal. Mini-goals and major goals never truly end, they just evolve into something different. The objective of goals is so we can meet the requirements (or needs) to achieve each major step in our lives.

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Q: What is the objective of goals?
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