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A normal O2 Sat on room air is 96-100% . When a patient is on O2 by nasal cannula, the Sat level will of course be higher due to O2 is continuous @ 2 liters/NC. Some patients with high anxiety will demand the need for O2 when Sat level on room air is 97%. It always depends on the individual person, because some people may not be short of breath @95% O2 Sat on room air. Again, those with COPD must be assessed very freq, because they should only recv up to O2 2L/NC on a cont flow. The same patient may recv an MD order for PRN O2 ie: O2 2L/NC if Sat< 96% on RA @ night only. Look up online re: COPD and the reasons for recv only a certain amt of O2 everyday.

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Q: What is the normal oxygen concentration of a man?
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What is the concentration of oxygen?

Oxygen consternation is the most important for patient. Oxygen concentrate provides oxygen to the patients who require more oxygen than normal air

What is the percent oxygen concentration if the water temperature is 10 degrees celsius and the oxygen concentration is 12 ppm?

The concentration of oxygen in water is 88,88 %.

Why exhaling carbon dioxide can not put out a fire?

When you exhale, you are not exhaling carbon dioxide. You are exhaling air with a slightly higher-than-normal concentration of carbon dioxide and a slightly lower-than-normal concentration of oxygen. Carbon dioxide extinguishes fire by forcing oxygen away from the fuel, but the air you exhale still has more than enough oxygen to support combustion.

What happens to the concentration of oxygen in the water when the sewage is added?

The concentration of oxygen decrease.

What happens to the concentration of oxygen in water when the sewage is added?

The concentration of oxygen decrease.

Why our body cells have a different oxygen concentration compared to the blood flowing to them from our lungs?

Diffusion from high concentration to low concentration.The oxygen concentration in the air in the lungs is higher than in the blood.The oxygen concentration in the blood is higher than in body cells.If these differences in concentration did not exist oxygen could not move from the air to the blood to body cells. While we are alive body cells consume some of the oxygen they receive, reducing their oxygen concentration and maintaining these differences. When we die the body cells quit consuming oxygen and over a period of time the levels of oxygen slowly begin evening out (however as blood no longer moves from the lungs to the body oxygen diffusion slows dramatically, leaving some body cells with much lower oxygen levels than would be normal).

Can you breath all the oxygen out of a room?

No. Normal O2 concentration is around 20%. Once the 02 concentration gets below about 18%, expect disorientation and confusion. Below about 16% expect fainting and unconsciousness. You will definitely die before you exchange all the oxygen for CO2.

What is normal concentration?

12 Normal

What process does a cell with a low concentration of oxygen will likely gain oxygen molecules from an area with a higher oxygen concentration have to go through?


How would the concentration of ozone molecules change if the concentration of oxygen molecules decreased?

If oxygen decreased, ozone will decrease. It is because ozone is made from oxygen.

Oxygen diffuses into the capillaries of the lungs because there is?

It diffuses because the concentration of oxygen in the capillaries is lower than the concentration of oxygen in the air (law of diffusion).

Cyanosis is caused by an increased blood concentration of?

Increased concentration of oxygen