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Q: What is the normal head size for women?
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What is the normal size of a cheetah?

A cheetahs' normal size is 9 ft., tail to head.

How many hairs are on a normal persons head?

10 thousand hairs on a normal size head...........

What is the normal size and which size is goodbreast?

There is no normal size since women all look different. If you mean average then 36C is the current average size.

What is the normal size or range size of a tiger?

330 centimetres ( from head to tail )

How big is the normal head?

Anything aslong as its not the size of danielles FAT HEAD HAHAHAHA

What do people with Achondroplasia look like?

have abnormally short arms and legs. Their trunk is usually of normal size, as is their head. The appearance of short limbs and normal head size actually makes the head appear to be oversized

What is the size of a normal sized babies head at 8 weeks?

i dont no

What causes a baby to have a normal size body and a really small head before birth?

Microcephaly is a condition that causes a baby to have a normal size body and a really small head before birth. Microcephaly can also occur after birth.

What causes the nipple area to be wider than normal?

If you are comparing one women to another, there is no definition for normal. Women have a huge variety of aureola sizes and they vary widely from person to person regardless of the woman's size or the size of the breast it is on.

How big is an average 7 year old head size?

57-65 lbs i got a normal size cousin that age :]

What is the normal head size of a baby age 36 weeks?

This is typically about 14 inches (35 centimetres)

Is my height weight and bra size normal Im 68 and a half inches I weigh 180 and my bra size is 46 D is that normal?

Lucky you! Youa re tall, but a bit overweight. Many women's breast size gets smaller when they lose some weight. But, you are normal