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60 decible

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Q: What is the noise level of normal conversation?
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What is the noise level of normal human conversation?

60 to 65 decibels, when people are three feet apart from each other.

A noise level of 65 decibels is measured for?

A noise level that measures 65 decibels is for a normal conversation on the noise scale. On this scale, 0 decibel is the threshold of hearing and 140 decibels is a jet plane at a distance of about 50 meters away.

What is a noise level of 65 decibels measured for?

Normal speech

Normal conversation is usually about decibels while noise at decibels or higher can start to damage your hearing?

65; 85

How do you speak ewok language?

You speak it as if your whispering at normal noise level and as if your a baby

Different sources of noise and their corresponding measurement of loudness in dB?

Leaves rustling produces about 10 dB of noise. A chainsaw, when one yard away is around 110 dB of noise. Normal human conversation is around 60 dB.

What is the loudness of a normal conservation?

A normal conversation has a loudness (decibels level) of about 60 dB. As iy approached 70 dB it would be come loud.

How loud is 65 decibels of music?

Decibels are really more a measure of sound level. 65 decibels would be about the level of normal conversation or laughter.

What is emotional noise?

Noises in your head that distract you from concentrating. Ex. this noise could be a conversation you had early on that you are reflecting on it in your head.

What is the meaning of a conversation?

a normal conversation is a group of people talking about a subject.

Give a possible value in decibels for the sound level detected from two people having a normal conversation at a distance of 1 meter?


What does it mean Carry the conversation to a higher level?

If you carry a conversation to a higher level, you talk about more sophisticated or esoteric subjects. You have a more intelligent conversation.