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Q: What is the net worth of neil peart?
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What is the birth name of Neil Peart?

Neil Peart's birth name is Cornelius Ellwood Peart.

What is Neil Peart's birthday?

Neil Peart was born on September 12, 1952.

What nicknames does Neil Peart go by?

Neil Peart goes by Pratt, The Professor, John Ellwood Taylor, and Bubba.

Is neil peart Christian?

no he is agnostic

Is neil peart a Canadian?


Who is Rush's current drummer?

Neil Peart

When did Neil peart go to London?


Neil Peart's manager?

Ray Daniels

Who is better at the drums than joey jordison?

Neil Peart! Neil Peart is by fare the best if you don't believe me go to you tube and type in 'Rush'

What is Neil Peart's Manager's Name?

Ray Daniels

What is the last name of Rush's drummer?

Neil Peart

How old was neil peart when he joined rush?