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negative definition in health is an absents of an illness and disease.

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Q: What is the negative definition of health?
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Definition of negative health?

Negative Health is a view that health is the absence of disease.

What's the definition for health by the World Health Organisation?

The World Health Organization's definition of health was formulated and agreed too by member countries of the WHO in 1946. Rather than defining health in the negative, i.e. an absence of disease or infirmity, the WHO defines health positively as the presence of complete physical, mental and social well being.

What is a criticism of the negative definition on health and illness?

The negative definition is widely used by people in everyday life and by health and social care practitioners working in the health field. however this approach does acquire weaknesses. for example, a person could be seen as 'healthy' by a biomedical practitioner unable to find any evidence of abnormalities, emotional distress or lack of supportive relationships to account for that person's physical pain.

What is a negative influences on community health?

A lack of health resources becomes a negative influence on community health.

The difference between negative and positive definitions of health?

positive-takes the health of the person on whole prospective, mind, body and soul. the state of a persons well being and health rather than just medical includes emotional too negative-takes the purely biomedical view on health where health=the absence of illness A Positive definition of health and well-being has to include the 'maintaining' of it. For example, Fern Britton could be viewed as an example of Positve health and well-being as although she is popular, has a loving family, and is obviously intelligent - she knew she needed to lose weight to improve her health and well being and did so successfully. So the 'maintenance' aspect of this definition is what makes it 'positive' otherwise it reads as a 'holistic' definition.

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What is the definition of animadversion?

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Negative means expressing or containing negation or denial.

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