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Q: What is the name of the tool bar at the top that can show the save disk?
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How do you save a document by using the tool bar?

You click on the disk icon to save the document.

What is the main tool or utilitythat you use to manage your disk?

disk management

What allows you to navigate to the Disk Fragment tool?

First of all, it is the Disk Defragementing tool. It is located by going to "start" then "All Programs", "Accessories", "System Tools", then "Disk Defragementer."

What tool can used to verify a hard disk on Windows XP?

scan disk>??

What is creative archive?

It means to compress your files with an archiver tool (like B1 Free Archiver) in order to save your disk space or send a bunch of files faster.

On Home Improvement what was the name of Tim's tv show?

Tool Time

What diagnostic tool is used to trouble shoot the hard disk failure?

Emergency boot disk

What tool can you use to defragment your volumes by recopying fragmented files to contiguous space on the disk?

Disk Defragmentation

How do you recover formatted disk or partition?

To recover a formatted disk or partition, you need a free partition recovery tool.

How do you save a website on a disk?

If it's an HTML-based website, you can use your browser to save it to your computer. If it's a dynamic website (for example, using PHP to power it) you will only be able to save the current 'state' of the site. Please note that you won't be able to 'browse' the site entirely, unless you use a tool such as Webaroo.

What' purpose of disk druid?

Disk Druid is a graphical tool for partition management and mount point association. When entered, Disk Druid dispalys existing disks.

How do people make guitars on girlsense?

You use the cutting tool,save it and where it says what item it is, you select other. You can also name it a guitar in the place where you name it.