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Q: What is the name of the boy in avatar?
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What is the name of Avatar?

The name of the Avatar last Airbender is Aang

Why does everyone get Avatar the movie and Avatar the Last Airbender mixed up?

they both have the name Avatar in the name.

Is James camerons avatar game multiplayer?

yes it is because you play as the boy and the girl avatar

What is the name of avatar 2?

Avatar 2

What is the real Name Of Aang in th emovie the Last Airbender?

The avatar's name is Aang. His friends are Sokka and Katara.

What name can you give your avatar?

RATAVA'' - (avatar backwords)

What iis the name of female avatar just berfore avatar kiyosi?

Avatar Yangchen

In Avatar what is the name of Jake Sullys avatar or alien body?

He keeps the name Jake

What does Avatar name is already registered mean?

it means the name is already in use by annother avatar

How do you be a boy on the game It Girl on Facebook?

It is not possible for anybody, even boys, to create a boy avatar.

How do you be a boy on It Girl on Facebook?

You can not make a boy avatar on It Girl. Even if a boy plays, they can only make girl avatars.

What is the name of the song in Avatar the Last Airbender when Aang goes into the Avatar state?

Theres was no song it was like a Chinese music thingy.