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spare tire

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Q: What is the name generally used for the extra tire kept in a car r?
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What is that specific name of the extra tire of a car?

That depends. Is it an actual "spare tire"? A tire of actual size. Or a "donut" tire? A smaller version of a spare tire. That latter is also known as a "space saver" tire.

Does a Jeep wrangler come with an extra tire?


Can you change a tire stem without removing the tire?

Yes but extra work. Especially if it has the new sensors.

Where is the spare tire kept on a 1998 Jeep Wrangler Sahara?

The spare tire is mounted on the outside of the back door

On a Chevrolet express van 3500 where is the tire jack?

on a Chevrolet express van 3500 where is the tire jack kept at?

Why would someone go to a discount tire center?

As per their name, discount tire centers sell and sometimes install tires or other repairs. If a car's tire gets damaged, is worn out, or is generally otherwise unusable, a local tire center usually offers affordable replacements and installation.

What is An automobile tire that has the name of a color in it?

what is a automobile tire with the name of a color in it?

What are the tire pressures for a Renault Extra Van 1.9 diesel?

There are several tire sizes that the Renault Extra Van, especially depending on if it it an Extra Kangoo or a Traffic. The pressures range from F37/R40 on an Extra Kangoo Êwith 165 70R13 tires to F35/R38 on a Kangoo with 175 65R14 tires.

Where is tire jack for sequoia kept?

Under the passenger side rear seat.

What is a good price for ATV tires?

It depends on the type of tire you get and where you are buying the tires from. Maybe its not just the tire, rims do cost extra.

Are there any tire shops that will pickup tire to replace it and come back to reinstall in riverside ca?

For an extra charge any tire dealer will do this for you. Just give one a call.

How do you replace tpms on 2004 liberty?

Generally requires removing and dismounting the tire, replace TPMS sensor, remount tire, balance tire, re-install tire to vehicle, do the relearn tire position procedure.