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the most important thing is to cover it up with something that is clean and has not been used by anybody recently that has had an infection.

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Q: What is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself against infection?
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How does interferon protect cells from viral infection?


How do your eyes protect you from disease and infection?

you protect yourself because of your eyelashes by adam deby

Who first used vaccination to protect against infection?

Edward Jenner

Why is it important to protect yourself against UV radiation?

cuz then you could be at risk for skin cancer and you will get dark!

How does lymph help protect against infection?

How does the lymphatic system protect the body against pathogens?

How do you protect yourself from infection from microorganisms?

cover your mouth and nose with a tissue/cloth when you sneeze

Standard precautions protect you against all routes through which infection is transmitted?


Is a letter to someone to explain why its important to talk about aids and its protect against the disease?

Is A Letter To Someone To Explain Why Its Important To Talk About AIDS And Its Protect Against The Disease ?

Why is it important to know about germs?

to know how to protect yourself and others from them

How do you protect yourself from urine problems?

Females - Wipe front to Back. Or you could get a urinary tract infection.

What is the most effective way you can protect your patients and yourself from the spread of infection?

Wash your hands and tools a lot

What is the function forwhite blood cells?

The main role of white blood cells is to protect the body against infection and fight infection when they occur.