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i think that the modern family is run with modern life but traditional family behive is difference

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Q: What is the modern families How are they different from traditional families?
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Compare the characteristics of the traditional families to modern families?


Main differences between modern lifestyle and traditional lifestyle?

what are different in modern lifestyle and traditional life

Compare traditional and modern boy-girl relationship?

traditional and modern is not that different. except modern is more physical (making out, etc..) when traditional was more 'tight leashed'

Modern supply chain versus traditional distribution channels?

Modern supply chain are different from the traditional channels in that there is more collaboration among the modern ones.

Who do the chores in Mexico?

It depends on how traditional or modern a family is: very traditional families, usually found on small rural villages, still have children and women as main performers of home chores, while men work on the fields. Modern, urban families tend to share these responsibilities like any western country does.

What is the different between traditional math with modern math?

It is different because modern math sometimes uses calculators and traditional math did not have calculators.I think that they used abacuses or other methods such as your fingers

How are Mandarin Cantonese Traditional Chinese and Modern Chinese different?

the modern mandarin is much simpler than traditional Chinese characters. they are spoken the same way, but the characters look different. though not all of the characters in traditional change when they are simplified, most do.

Are House to Home designs modern or traditional?

The housetohome website has a variety of different styled home designs available. They range from the modern to the traditional, in bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

What are differences between a modern Cambodian wedding ceremony and a traditional wedding ceremony?

Traditional ceremonies are "normally" at least a weeklong celebration to let the town/neighbors know that two families have come together in marriage... Modern ceremonies are more forgiving and last from a day to three days (depending on how many rituals the couple/families would like to include).

What is the history of traditional grammar and modern linguistics?

ther is different between t.g.and .m.l

What is the proper pronunciation of the surname Pfaff?

the traditional pronuciation is to pronounce the p and not the first f. however, many modern American families use a silent p.

What is the clothing in New Zealand?

It is the same as most modern countries. We wear Jeans and teeshirts, hoodies. Modern Clothing. Maori traditional wear is different.