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60 - 100 beats per minute is the normal rate

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Q: What is the minimum heartbeat rate?
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Why does the rate of heartbeat change?

Why does the rate of heartbeat change?

Who has the highest number of heartbeat?

A newborn. As you get older, your heartbeat rate slows.

Do music affects the rate of heartbeat?

Yes, music does affect the rate of a heartbeat. Music can often be used to lower the heart rate and tension level in a human.

What is the rate of heartbeat in cockroach?


Why is a mouse pulse rate faster than an elephant pulse rate?

Mouse doesnt have a pulse rate, but it has a faster heartbeat rate coz its smaller in size,the smaller the animal is,the higher the heartbeat rate it has!!!!

What controls rate of heartbeat?

the SA node

What rhymes with heartbeat?


What is arrhythmias?

Arrhythmia is a problem with the rate or rhythm of the heartbeat of a person.

What does a normal heartbeat indicates?

heart rate of 76 indicates what??

What two nerves affect the rate of the heartbeat?

Vagus and accelerator

What is the respiratory rate or minutes of the carabao?

how many heartbeat of carabao

When your heartbeat increases does your breathing rate increase too?