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Q: What is the mass of the material being weighed on this balance?
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What is top pan balance?

It is used to compare the mass of two objects

How do you measure the mass of a cow?

Put her on a truck and have the truck weighed on a balance scale (NOT a spring scale). From this you can get true mass.

What is the tare function used for on the electronic balance?

An electronic tare system used in an electrical balance of the type which generates an electrical signal representing a mass being weighed for application to a digital read out or other display.

What is the function of the triple bean balance?

Its function is like any other balance; you use it to measure out a certain quantity of material based on mass. The three 'beams' have masses on them so when the balance is at equilibrium, the mass of the unknown material can be deduced.

What are the errors introduced in a mass determination if the object being weighed is warm?

A hot object produce a lowering of air density around the balance and this produce an error in balance reading.The sample must have the same temperature as the balance. Balances are frequently designed to work correct at 20 oC.

What is the different shape mass weight?

mass is the amount or quantity of a material in body. weigth is a kind matter with a balance.

What is a pan balance made out of?

A pan balance is made out of two pans, two chains depending on how long youwant them, a piece of metal depending on how long you want it to be and twopieces of wood to make the stand for the scale.

Is a mass of a person weighed in mg or kg?

The mass of a person is MEASURED in kilograms. A mass cannot be weighed, and a person's weight is measured in Newtons.

When chemicals are weighed on a balance how is the pan protected?

To keep the balance clean and to keep chemicals from mixing with other chemicals. Also some chemicals can react with the metal of the balance pan and cause it to corrode or rust. Always use weighing paper or a small dish or beaker to weigh out chemicals.

Does magnetization affect the mass of the substance magnetized?

Magnetization does not affect the mass of the material being magnetized. All the magnetizing field does is align the magnetic domains of the material being magnetized. No matter or mass is added, or "created out of energy" or the like. Nothing changes except the orientation of magnetic domains within the material being magnetized.

What the equipment that can be used to measure density of a material of the Archimedes principle.?

A mass balance and a measuring jug full of a liquid.

What is the volume of a block of wood?

IF you knew the volume of the block and the density of the material it was made of you could calculate it mass (mass = density * volume) but it is normal to measure the mass of something using a mass balance.