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Q: What is the make of sunglasses on Kai on ncis season 7 episode 7?
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What season and episode is the NCIS SWAK episode?

Season 2, episode 22

What was the finle NCIS episode ever?

The latest season finale is season 9, episode 24 "Till Death Do Us Part". That is the final episode of season 9. That wasn't the last ever episode of NCIS, they have renewed NCIS and there will be a season 10.

What episode of NCIS is before spider and the fly?

Spider and the Fly is the first episode of NCIS season 8. The last episode before that was the last episode of season 7 - Rule fiftyone

What season is steakout for ncis?

if you are talking about the episode it is from season 5.

What season was Episode Twilight on NCIS?

twilight was the season finale of season 2.

What is the final episode of season 2 of NCIS?


How many episode is there in ncis season 8?


What is the name of the second episode of season 7 on ncis?

Episode 2, season 7 is called Reunion.

What NCIS episode did mcgee get kidnapped?

Season 1 Episode 20 - Missing

When can you watch full episodes of NCIS season 8?

Try It has every episode of ncis including season 8.

What episode of NCIS is Ducky's mum in?

The episode is "Meat Puzzle" season 2, episode 13.

What episode of NCIS is it where Kate has a chance to stab Ari?

The episode mentioned above is Bete Noir, which was aired in Season One of NCIS.