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Q: What is the main reason that hair become weak?
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Why does your hair turn red after curling iron use?

cause drying hair and ironing it in hairdresser is a bad action it make the hair ruf and become weak and light

When was Weak Become Heroes created?

Weak Become Heroes was created on 2002-07-22.

Is it possible for hair to grow long if your genes for hair growth are weak?


What is the main reason why some developing countries fear the increase the free trade policies around the world?

Their industries are too weak to compete with foreign competitors.

What are the main reasons for hair loss in women?

The problem of hair loss is one of the most common problems which loses the thickness and density of hair, and leads to weak hair and loss, so the ampoules of Natural are the ideal way to deal with this problem, and to care for the density of hair and not to fall out, and ampoules carry many benefits and features

Would you use a strong or weak acid to neutralise left over alkali in hair?


What are the reason for Miscarrying at 6 months?

a weak uterus

Why the articles of confereration considered weak?

One reason the articles of confideration were weak was because the goverment had NO money

When you become elder?

You become an elder when your too old, weak, or injured.

Does the colour of hair affect the strength of hair?

Yes it dose say if his hair was brohe would be very weak but it red orange

What is the best advice that your hairdresser ever gave you?

I live in Manchester and my hairdresser in Manchester suggests I not wash daily my hair. Because they become unhealthy and will be started breaking through roots. Along with that, he suggests me not use so many Hot Tools with my hair. It instantly makes your hair weak. I have worked on it and now my hair downfall is stopped.

What is astropy?

The muscle tht as become weak