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To be concise, Black Beauty is a horse looking for love and understanding.

Within the course of his lifetime, he is sold to many a people, but, unfortunately, his life is plagued by ruthless owners who do not care about him at all (even if it benefits them) and use him until he is completely worn out and barely able to walk.

He finds peace at last when two old ladies buy him and promise to keep him in good health as long as he lives. They also say they will never sell him.

And so the journey ends and as you finish reading, you are transported suddenly from a world of farms and trains and carts to a world filled with computers and nothingness.

Perhaps, someday, we will realize.

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Q: What is the main problem in black beauty?
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The main characters in black beauty?

Ginger,Duchess,Black Beauty

What is the conflict or problem in black beauty?

The problem in Black Beauty is that people keep mistreat him and making him scared of humans

Who are the main characters in black beauty?

ginger,john,duchess,black beauty

Main characters from the book black beauty?

Black beauty (of course), ginger, and marry legs

How was the problem solve in black beauty?

it depense witch problem you are talking about really.

How is the problem solved in black beauty?

state a problem in the story and how it was solved black beautyAnna Sewell muffin classics

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What is the problem in the story black beauty?

Black Beauty was written by Anna Sewell in 1877. It is told in the first person of the main character, a horse named Black Beauty. It is an autobiography of sorts. It is about Black Beauty's noble nature as he is sold from owner to owner, master to master, some of them gentle and some of them not so gentle, some quite harsh. It is a story of a horse being used for work purposes instead of the horse's nobleness. It also shows empathy for Ginger's hardships and her ultimately tragic end. It shows mistreatment, intentional or not of animals.

Is Black Beauty a boy?

Black Beauty is in fact a boy

What is the charact of black beauty in the novel black beauty?

a beautiful black horse

Which type-of-creature is black beauty?

Black Beauty was a horse.

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Black Beauty was not a car it was a horse