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First of all, in many states it is illegal to drive without insurance, so that would be a fine right there. Second of all, whether or not they had insurance, they are still liable for the damage they caused. If they can be found, they can be sued for it. Third, if they hit an ran, that is also a crime. It would be pretty fair to expect that if someone got caught for doing what you just described, their license would be suspended or revoked.

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Q: What is the law for a person who hit a parked car and then hits other cars with no insurance?
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Does homeowner insurance cover other people cars that get vandalized in your driveway?

NO, Homeowners Insurance covers Homes. Auto Insurance covers cars. Home insurance polices do not provide coverage for personal auto regardless of who owns them or where they are parked.

When two cars are parked in private drive and one is not parked well and the other slides down and scrapes the other is anyone at fault neither car was running?

I believe the owner of the car that slid down would be responsible since it's the driver's responsibiltiy to ensure the car is parked securely. And since the car did slide down, then the insurance company is likely to say that car wasn't parked properly.

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What happens if your newly bought un-insured car is parked by your home on the street and gets hit by someone else?

Hopefully that person that hit you has insurance, other wise the problem is yours. IF you had an existing insurance policy on another vehicle (traded cars or adding a second car to the household) your carrier will PROBABLY cover this one.

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What should you do if your parked car was hit by a driver insured with no fault and you have no insurance?

I know someone currently in that situation. If the insured person is at fault (states so on police report) you should do your best to obtain a police report and get his insurance information. You or your attorney should contact his insurance company to file a claim. This is the stage my friend is at. I will let you know how it turns out. In her situation she was able to obtain an arrest report as it was the hit and run of a parked car by a drunk driver. The driver was arrested that evening and several other cars on the block were damaged.

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