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Q: What is the last thing you take off every night before you get into bed?
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On Anzac Day what is the Last Post?

The Last Post is played by a bugler. In the army it is played every night before lights out.

What dues the night before meen?

last night but the night before that

What is the last thing you take off at night?

you take your feet off the ground before going to bed

Does yesterday night mean the night before last night?

No, "yesterday night" refers to the night of the most recent day that has passed. "The night before last night" would refer to two nights ago.

What was the last thing the head of the block ordered the men to do before the evacuated in the book night?

In the book "Night" by Elie Wiesel, the last thing the head of the block ordered the men to do before evacuating was to clean the block and leave it spotless. This was a cruel irony, as it was clear that the men were being moved to a concentration camp with little concern for their well-being.

How di dthe Last Post come to be a symbol of Anzac Day?

The Last Post was played every night before lights out in army camps. Reveille is the one played in the morning.

Is last night one word or two?

No. It is two words, every night.The word everyday actually means ordinary, not happening every day.

Is night an adverb?

No. But combined with other adjectives and/or adverbs, it can act as an adverb (e.g. last night, every night, overnight).

What is the last thing you do before bed?

Becoming fresh before sleep.

Why is Naomi Reynolds tired?

Because her dog kept on barking last night and the night before!!

What does it mean when a deceased spouse comes into your dreams every night?

This is not uncommon, its maybe because spouse is the last thing in your thoughts before sleeping. i think this must be nice and reassuring for you.sorry for your loss, can' b e easy but some people can' recalll the images of their passed loved ones.

Why did your Washington Capitals not win last night?

In every contest, there is a winner and a loser.