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Q: What is the ionic charge of tin in SnNO3 2?
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What is the formula for tin II hypochlorite?

Sn(CLO3)2 Tin (II) has a positive 2 charge and Chlorate has a (-1) charge so you need to cholrates to one Tin.

What is SnS2?

*Tin Sulfate* NO! This is WRONG!SnS2 is Tin(IV) Sulfide, not Tin SulfateThe (IV) means that Tin has a 4+ charge (can be Tin(II) with a 2+ charge or Tin(IV))Sulfur has a 2- charge, so it takes 2 Sulfur ions to balance out the chargesso you have 1 Tin Ion with a charge of 4+ and 2 Sulfur Ions with charges of 2+put them together and it makes SnS2Sulfate is a polyatomic ion with the formula SO4 with a 2- charge, so the formula for Tin Sulfate would be Sn(SO4)2

What is the ionic charge of stannous?

+2 charge

What is the ionic charge of h2o?

The Ionic charge of H2O is 0 because H has a +1 charge and there are two H so it equals +2 and O has a -2 charge. So they balance out to a charge of zero

What type of charge does a zinc atom have?

The ionic charge of zinc is 2+

Barium has an ionic charge of?


What is the ionic charge on oxygen?


What is the formula for tin (IV) chromate?

Sn(CrO4)2 Tin 4 means that the tin is a cation with a +4 charge. Chromate is a polyatomic ion with the formula (CrO4)-2. Since the tin ion has a +4 charge in this case, and the chromate ion has a -2 charge, there is a 1:2 ratio of tin ions to chromate ions.

What is the ionic charge of palladium?

Palladium(II) has a charge of +2

What is the ionic compound with barium and sulfide?

BaS or Barium sulfide is the ionic compound. Ba has a charge of 2+ and S has a charge of 2- so when you combine them, they produce the neutral ionic compound BaS.

What is the normal ionic charge for selenium?


What is the common ionic charge of oxide?

An oxide ion has a charge of 2-.