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When you are tired your body stops taking in enough oxygen, you yawn to compensate. As such when you see others yawn it alerts your body to the need of more oxygen, so you do too.

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Q: What is the importance of yawning when you are tired?
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Does yawning make you tired?


Why does yawning occurs?

Because you're tired.

What is the purpose of yawning?

it means either you are bored or they are tired

What muscles cause yawning?

None ! Yawning is either the body signalling you're tired, or that you're short of oxygen. Nothing to do with muscles !

Why do you constantly yawn when your not tired?

Yawning helps you get more oxigen to the brain.

Does constant yawning mean lack of oxygen?

yes............and it can also mean you are tired

Where can you find information about yawning?

For many years yawning has been associated with one being tired, bored or stressed. If one wishes to learn more about yawning, the site with the most detailed information would be on Wikipedia.

Can yawning cause heart palpitations?

Um, I shouldn't think that yawning itself causes heart palpitations, but if you are extremely tired, there is more chance of you having a palpitation.

What are the symptoms that someone will experience if their body does not get enought oxygen?

They will feel dizzy. Weak. Tired and they will keep yawning.

Why can't you stop yawning?

You can't stop yawning because when you yawn your body is trying to get more oxygen into you body to try and stay awake. If you are yawning constantly your body is trying to keep you awake, the longer you stay awake, the more you will yawn.

Is yawning good for you?

Well, it isn't good or bad. It is just something you're body does naturally when it's tired. You yawn because when you are tired, you don't have as much oxygen as you normally do.

Does yawning have anything to do with being tired?

Technically, no it doesn't. it's one of the bodies natural reactions to a buildup of CO2 in the body