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It holds the kidney in place and provides protection.

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Q: What is the importance of the perirenal fat capsule that surrounds the kidney?
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What is perirenal fat capsule?

is the layer of the kidney

Name the protective capsule that covers a kidney?

The perirenal fat capsule.

What is the protective capsule that covers a kidney?

perirenal fat

What protects kidney?

Its The Perirenal Capsule look it up!!!

What are the three layers of the kidney tissues?

from interior to exterior: fibrous capsule, perirenal fat capsule and renal fascia. :)

What protect the kidney?

Your kidneys are protected by ribs and fat.

How are the kidney protected?

each kidney is protected by 3 outer layers 1) the renal fascia - a tough external coat of fibrous connective tissue 2) the adipose capsule - a layer of fatty tissue 3) the renal capsule - another fibrous layer

What is the outer most layers of the kidney?

renal fascia (outer layer), perirenal fat capsule, fibrous capsule (inner layer)

Membrane around outer surface of kidney?

The renal capsule is an inner fibrous membrane that surrounds the kidney and prevents infections from entering the kidney.

What is the innermost connective tissue layer protecting the kidney and assisting in staving off infection?

The fiberous capsule. The perirenal fat capsule and the renal fascia don't (so far as I am aware, anyway) specificly protect the kidney from infection.renal fascia

What is the medical term meaning adjacent to the kidney?

Perirenal means adjacent to the kidney.

Tough outer lining that encases the kidney?

The renal capsule surrounds the kidneys. It is made of a tough connective tissue that also helps to protect them.