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Q: What is the importance of reflex testing in a routine physical exam?
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What test makes use of a special hammer?

DTR testing or deep tendon reflex testing uses a reflex hammer to strike the tendon in an extremity checking for a response or the absence of a response when the muscle is stimulated by the hammer.

What is the importance of reflex hammer?

It is a tool used to assess part of the nervous system.

Can healing restore the gag reflex?

The gag reflex is often more neurological than physical. Healing can maybe help, but it really has to do with smells and tastes.

What are two example of reflex actions and their importance?

The Pupillary Light Reflex and the Corneal Reflex (or Blink Reflex) are two important reflexes because the Light Reflex prevents damage to eye compopents related to over exposure to light and also helps the eye to accommodate visually, when there is less light; The Blink Reflex prevents objects from entering the eye and lubricates the eye. Also, breathing and heart beat are thought to be reflex actions.

What is the importance of cat righting reflex?

When a cat is falling, he cat righting reflex is important and allows them to turn in the air. The righting reflex is how they know up from down and rotate in mid air and land on their feet. This appears at three to four weeks in kittens and by seven weeks it is perfected.

How much does a reflex test for legs cost?

-This depends on the doctor seen and you don't have to see a specialist to have a routine reflex testing done, though you may have to have a physical exam done. -Reflex testing is included in essentially all routine physical exams, like with a physical exam required for one to pass, to play a sport in High School. General reflex testing isn't usually done separately from a physical exam. -A general physical exam/PE or checkup, includes checking your blood pressure/BP, heart rate/HR, respiratory rate/RR (breathing rate), listening to your lungs & heart and checking your general reflexes. -These physical exams, on average, can cost: $30.00-60.00 (but again, this varies on locale/city, the physician/doctor's office, the Urgent Care Clinic or an Outpatient Care Clinic, etc). *Your best bet is to go to an 'Urgent Care' Clinic or 'Outpatient Care' Clinic, that does physical exams, unless you already have a regular doctor. A Clinic's fee is usually less or can be about the same as a doctor's office, but you won't have to make an appointment to get this done, as you just walk into an Urgent Care or Outpatient Care clinic at any given time. -I do recommend you call a few places to compare prices/fees and one may even agree to just check your reflexes, though they may still charge you the same as a physical exam, but maybe not, as it doesn't take much time to check general reflexes. -If you have a regular doctor, the cost will usually be whatever he/she charges for an office visit, though a majority of doctors do lower the cost for a general physical exam and you can ask your doctor to check your reflexes any time you see them. -If you're experiencing numbness, burning or tingling sensations in any one or both of your arms, hand(s), foot/feet or in leg(s) on occasion to more frequently, YOU should seek medical attention ASAP. -Hope this helps and is understandable (and I am in the medical field :) (I corrected an area, so should make sense now..LoL)

What is the importance of reflex actions?

One important aspect of reflex action is to help protect us without having to think. Reflex actions are involuntary and quick. They are done to meet an emergency and occur at the level of the spinal cord. Examples include the gag reflex clearing unplanned foreign objects or your eyelid closing when something gets near your eye.

What is a bilateral reflex?

The best examples of this is to shin a light in one eye and both pupils constrict. You are testing cranial nerve II.Or the corneal reflex (touch one cornea) both eyes blink, a test of CN VII or the palpebral reflex, touch one eye lid or lashes and both eyes blink, another test of CN VII.

What is the proper name for the hammer a doctor uses to test your reflex?

The proper name for the hammer a doctor uses to test your reflex is just "reflex hammer". It is a medical instrument used by physicians to test deep tendon reflexes and is an important part of a neurological physical examination.

What is the result of the tympanic reflex?

the tympanic reflex is a physical response to overly loud noises. Located in the inner ear, the reflex is the contraction of a small muscle which disconnects the three bones in the ear (incus,malleus, stapes). This results in the muffling of sound to protect the cochlea from damage.

What is the importance of reflex reactions?

To remove oneself from the source of a danger as fast as possible; by bypassing the brain, the reflex provides a near-instantaneous response

What is convergence reflex?

The convergence reflex in the eyes os responsible to keep your eyes aligned and focused on an object. Try moving a pen towards and away from your face; your eyes will follow the object naturally and keep it in focus.