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It adds to the mystery and fun for a guy. First seeing it catches the eye then it is a must to play with it. It is the foreplay hole.

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Q: What is the hole on the back of a thong for?
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Difference between thong and g-string?

g string only has a string in the back thong has triangle of fabric g string= T thong = Y

Where is that thong at?

On the back of a chair that you stupidly threw it onto. Now your mother is going to catch you and you're going to die horribly and painfully by getting strangled with "that thong."

How should you wear a thong?

Uh, put one leg through each leg hole like any other underwear???

What is the most common type of thong?

usually the t-back or g-string

How do you make a thong feel good?

I kinda mess with the back and stretch the front.

What is a ruffle thong?

it is a thong meant for comfort with ruffled lining in and outside of the thong

What is a thong?

A thong is also called a G-String. Piece of ladies underwear (knickers) that has thin strip at back that goes between buttocks to minimise underwear lines showing through clothing.

What should you do if you wear your sisters thong?

You should wash it before giving it back. And buy your own.

What is a leather thong?

a thong made of leather.

I wear my moms thong to bed but iam dont know how to wear them to school like what type of pants?

If you wear your mom's thong to bed and want to wear it to school, wear pants that come up high enough in the back so your thong doesn't show when you bend over.

How do you ask you mom for a thong?

go to aropastal if you have money and a ride

How do you tell if a girl Where is a thong?

If they have a thong shape in their trousers then you know if they are wearing a thong. or if their wearing really tight shorts or pants and their butt has no lines on the side then she is wearing a thong