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i think the answer is

Sugar can promote tooth decay.

just for the fact that is also states this in the study unit.

[What if I have a high intake of sugar daily? Sugar temporarily raises
your glucose level, which causes your body to release insulin. The insulin, in
turn, temporarily drops the glucose level sometimes even lower than where
it started. A high sugar intake has also been associated with an
increased incidence of tooth decay.]

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Q: What is the health risks of consuming a high amount of sugar?
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What are the health risks of consuming a high amount of sugar?

Sugar can promote tooth decay

What are the health risks of cosuming a high amount of sugar?

high sugsr intake can lead to high blood pressure

What are some of the health risks of being hyopglycemic?

There are numerous health risks involved with someone that is hypoglycemic. One of the major health risks is that low blood sugar can cause organs to malfunction, which can result in a coma, loss of consciousness, or even death.

What are the health risk of consuming large amounts of sugar?

obesity, diabetes, puking, and probably more these ar just a few

What risks did Alan sugar take?

Alan sugar took no risks he just started up a business

Which is better for you health granola cereal or whole-grain cereal based on kcal per serving kcal from fat amount of sodium amount of dietary fiber and amount of sugar?

Which is better for you, Health Granola Cereal or Whole-Grain Cereal based on KCAL per serving, KCAL from fat, amount of sodium, amount of dietary fiber, and amount of sugar.

Does eating curd mixed with sugar is injurious to health?

Only in relation with the amount of sugar ingested. Ingesting large amounts of sugar often may lead to diverse health disorders as i.e. obesity and insulin imbalance.

Why sugar is bad?

Sure you could get cavities but it's kinda good in candies, but if you get toooo much of it, you could go nutso and gain some weight. But here's a good tip, don't eat sugar cubes before you put it in your coffee. IT TASTES TERRIBLE!!!!!

Does corn syrup poison humans?

No. Corn syrup is not toxic. Corn syrup essentially contains sugar, so consuming too much can cause health problems, but this is true of sugar regardless of whether it comes from corn syrup or not.

Why does excess sugar causes drowsiness?

Consuming an excessive amount of sugar gives your body a burst of energy that does not last for very long. after this energy burst wears off it leaves you feeling tired. basically you experience an energy crash.

Is 90 grams of sugar from juice too much in one day?

Yes, it is far too much. You should only be consuming around a third of that amount of sugar daily, and some of this will come from other areas. You are best to have only around 15 grams of sugar from such juice.

How many slurpees should you have in a week?

There is no official recommendation when it comes to how many Slurpees you should have in a week. If you like to have a Slurpee everyday, then you are free to do so. However, you should be aware of the amount of sugar (and empty calories) that are in Slurpees, and the potential health consequences of consuming too much. Just like anything else, moderation is key!