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Q: What is the good thing about slavery?
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Who thought slavery was a good thing?

Slavery has been around for thousands of years.

What are the good things about slavery?

there are no good things about slavery that I know of. try googling it or something. a good thing about child slavery is that it will teach the children skills that they will work on and they use them when they're older.

How is slavery right?

Back in the days people thought slavery was a good thing because you didn't have to do anything.

Why was slavery a positive thing?

It wasn't really a good thing, but back in Africa slavery was like a mark of honor; the more better you treated your slaves, the more honorable and highly regarded you were. SLAVERY IS CRUEL!

Was slavery good?

No, slavery was not good.

How did people in the north feel about slavery in the 1860's?

they didnt agee that its was a good thing and abloished it in the norte

How does black history help us today?

It helps us to remember black people and that they should be treated equally and stuff, also that slavery is no-more and that this is a good thing. personally i think abolishing slavery was an almighty good thing, it was very,very bad for all people concerned.

Should Slavery be allowed in the US?

No slavery is a terrible thing

Is the Americain slavery good or bad thing forr blacks?

Of course it was bad, white people were rich on the backs of the blacks, black people lost their freedom when sold into slavery

Was slavery good for the south?

yes slavery was good for the south

How was the civil war a good thing and a bad?

The Civil War was a bad thing because it caused tremendous destruction of property and the loss of countless lives. However, it was a good thing because it brought about the end of slavery in the United States.

End slavery now?

Wage slavery still exists, and can be ended by abolishing the wages system and establishing a classless society.