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Q: What is the good and bad effect of reforestation?
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How do you put reforestation in a sentence?

By most, reforestation is considered a good deed.

What are the good effects of reforestation?


What is good and bad effect of hair spray of human?

good effect: keeps hair in place bad effect: chemicals that are in it

What is replanting a forest called?

Reforestation. Reforestation. Reforestation.

In what ways are Sloths special?

Their not but they look ugly and that is a good thing. Reforestation.

What is a sentence a for reforestation?

Many of us are hoping that the planet Mars is open to reforestation.

Effect of cinema on children?

the cinema has relies an good and bad effect on children.

Good effect and bad effect of machine?

* because of the smoke that came in the factory

What was one good effect of the Columbian exchange for the peoples of the Americas and what was a bad one?

Horses good, smallpox bad.

Social effect of tourism?

There are good and bad social effects of tourism. A good effect is that there will be money to spend on public facilities and festivals. A bad effect is that the city may become overcrowded and lead to increased crime.

What are the good and bad effect of chemical change to the environment?

BAD EFFECTS:Acid RainBurning of Wood

Can your actions good or bad effect your family friends and others or will it effect just you?

It will effect everyone. That is why they are so important.