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41715-0-Day Care Centers

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Q: What is the general liability class code for Child Care?
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What is general liability class code 97050?

97050 Lawn Care Services: Limited to lawn care such as mowing, fertilizing, edging, cleaning lawns, weeding & incidental replacement of plants

looking for a child care licensing class in the tampa area?

The only child care licensing class I could find in your area is at Rasmussen College.

What is the General Liability Class code for day care centers?

40006-0-Adult Day Care 40005-0-Adult Day Care - Not for Profit 42059-0-Day Camps - All other 41715-0-Day Care Centers 41716-0-Day Care Centers - Not for Profit Only

Does a home based child care center need commercial liability insurance?

To become licensed child care center, you are required to have commercial liability insurance. However if becoming licensed is not your goal, commercial liability insurance is not necessary. You should consider increase your home owners insurance to protect you in the event of accident. Most insurance companies will provide you additional coverage for people wanting to do a start a home based day care.

What is the liability to a neighbor of a home day care business if a day care child is injured on the neighbor's property?

The child's parents should want to pursue a liability claim against any, and every party involved in the child's injury. The question as to whether the neighbor will ultimately be relieved of liability, because the child was first and foremost, in the direct custody of the day care business is a question for the court. If the child wandered onto the neighbor's property, there is a first a issue of negligent supervision that the day care center will need to defend themselves against. It is likely that the negligent supervision was the proximate cause of the injury. However, the lack of supervision might be seen as a contributing cause, if there was "conduct" on the part of the neighbor that also contributed to the injury. There are not enough facts in this question to really answer it.

Where do you get liability insurance for a small home daycare and how much coverage do you need?

You need General Liability Insurance. Many isurers have programs tailored for day care canters you can obtain from any authorized insurer in your state.

What expenses does child support cover?

The general care and well being of your child, this could mean clothes, shelter, food, education and entertainment.

Why does an abstract class often define methods WITHOUT actually implementing them?

Because, it wants the implementing or child class to take care of the actual implementation details.

Can the primary custody parent award someone the care of the child if they have to travel out of state on business?

Yes. They are not "awarding" the care of the child. They are "arranging" for the care of the child while they are away.Yes. They are not "awarding" the care of the child. They are "arranging" for the care of the child while they are away.Yes. They are not "awarding" the care of the child. They are "arranging" for the care of the child while they are away.Yes. They are not "awarding" the care of the child. They are "arranging" for the care of the child while they are away.

What is a child care worker?

Child Care Workers are people who are experienced, and trained for child care. They usually study child care topics and work in a licensed child care.

What does a child care specialist do?

A child care specialist is a person who works in a child care center. They are also called child care or day care workers.

Everything you need to know about child care?

Take a babysitting and CPR class. and have lots of helpful resources.