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Q: What is the gas to oil mix on a poulin pp4218 aux?
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97 250 quadruner mix gas or stright gas?

its a mix of 32-1 oil mix.

Do you get a gas when you mix a base and zinc?

no you dont get Gas when you mix Base with Zinc

Does noble gas mix?

yes, it does mix

Can Triton ax 180 headsets plug into mix amps?

depends on the kind of aux on the amp or the lead of the headset

Can you mix gas?


Do you mix the gas in a kawasaki 400?

You do not mix gas and oil in a kawasaki kz 400 motorcycle.

On a yz 100 if oil goes under seat does it get mix gas or regular gas?

If it has a separate place for gas it uses no mix.

Do I mix the gas in my Honda 110 3wheeler?

No, you do not mix oil with the gas as it is a 4 stroke and has an oil resivoir.

Do oil and gas mix?

yes . gas is made from oil..

What gas is produced when you mix a metal with an acid?

i dont know gas

Do you mix oil with gas for Sears Weedwacker 4 Cycle?

4 cycle means that you do not mix oil with the gas. They will have a place for the oil and a place for the gas seperate. Although, not many weedwackers have 4 cycle engines... 2 cycle engines are the ones that you need to mix oil with the gas.

What is the gas oil mix for a 1989 rmx 250?

The recommended mix is 20:1