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Q: What is the gas oil ratio for homelite 30CC leaf blower?
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What is the spark plug gap on a 26cc homelite leaf blower?


Fuel oil mixture for a Homelite 25 cc gas leaf blower?

Fuel:oil mixture for Homelite Blower UT08068R 32:1 4oz 2-cycle oil to 1 gallon gas

What is a craftsman 30cc backpack leaf blower worth?

Used? with all attachmen ts about $125-150.00. I bought one in sears for 249.00

What is the correct ratio of gas to oil for weedeater leaf blower B175OLE?


What is the oil to gas ratio for a husqvarna 350bt leaf blower?

Husqvarna fuel mixture ratio is 50:1

What is the fuel oil ratio for a johndeer bp65le leaf blower?

50:1 with an oil designed for that.

Where is the garage with the leaf blower in Wimpy Wonderland?

the leaf blower is at gregs garage

Is a leaf blower mechanical energy?

Yes, a leaf blower operates by converting mechanical energy into wind energy to push leaves and debris.

Best Leaf Blower?

form_title= Best Leaf Blower form_header= Keep leaves out of your lawn with a leaf blower. What is the square footage of your lawn?*= _ [50] How often will you use your leaf blower?*= {Once a day, Once a week, Once a Month, Other} Have you ever owned a leaf blower?*= () Yes () No

What kind of oil does a homelite chain saw use?

Any 2 cycle oil can be used. Most of the older models (pre 1995 use a 32:1 ratio), newer 2 cycle engines use a 40:1 or 50:1 ratio. It will not hurt the engine to use a lower ratio, but it will hurt to use a higher ratio. Even in a brand new 2 cycle engine that calls for a 50:1 ratio I use a 40:1 ratio which is better for the engine by helping it run cooler and last much longer. This is true for all 2 cycle engines no matter what it's in, a chain saw, leaf blower or trimmer, however its more important with a chain saw which is under more load than a trimmer which is under more load than a leaf blower. Of course you can always call HOMELITE at (800) 242-4672 and find out the correct ratio for your model. P.S. YES parts are still available for 25 year old HOMELITE saws. If HOMELITE does not stock the part you need they can give you the phone number for an obsolete parts dealer. I just last week got a guide bar adjustment kit, guide bar bolt and pull start pulley( which has teeth that ingage the fingers on the fly wheel. They even have pistons, rods, crankshafts and engine block for my model so dont give up hope. parts are still out there!

Do you put oil or gas in a stihl leaf blower?

both... you mix the oil and gas to a 50:1 has to be 2 cycle oil though

Where do you find a replacement bag for a task force blower vac?

I recently had the same problem. I was all set to buy a new leaf blower when I noticed the Homelite UT42120 looks identical to the Task Force leaf blower vac. I purchased it and sure enough the bags is identical and fits perfectly. I found a company out of Ohio called M and D Mower Service that sells just the bag. The part number for the bag is 311118142AG. I ordered 3 just to be on the safe side in case I run into problems finding this item again.