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Felina Gothic from T-26 Foundry.

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Q: What is the font used on the TV show Grimm?
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What is the font used on the sanctuary TV show?

The font used for the title of the "Sanctuary" TV show is called Trajan Pro. It is a classic serif font that has been widely used in movie and TV show titles for its elegant and timeless look.

What font was used for the Outer Limits TV show logo?

The font used for "The Outer Limits" TV show logo is called Benguiat. It is a serif font designed by Ed Benguiat in 1978.

What is the font used for SAMCRO?

The font used for "SAMCRO" in the TV show "Sons of Anarchy" is a custom-designed font that was created specifically for the show. It is not commercially available.

Which Nuptial Script version is the one used for the Firefly TV show font?

Nuptial script is the font of the Firefly show. This is a well known show.

What font was used in the titles of the tv show Dallas?

times new roman

What Font Is BrainSurge?

The font used in the logo for the TV show "BrainSurge" is a custom designed font and not publicly available for use. It was specifically created for the show's branding and is not widely accessible for use in other applications.

What font is used for the tv show misfits?

The font used for the title of the TV show "Misfits" is likely a custom design specifically created for the show. It may not have a standardized name, and it is not available for public use.

What is the title font for Survivor?

The font called Survivant looks closest to the font that is used on the television show Survivor's logo. Please click the related link to have a closer look.

What is the font used in prisoner cell block h tv series?

The font used in the "Prisoner: Cell Block H" TV series is likely a custom or unique font created specifically for the show. It is not a widely available or commonly used font.

What font is used on the Dallas TV show?

Churchward heading light is very close or Eurostar bold.

What Font is used in the Twilight Zone tv show?

It was specially designed for this show. the British firm of Century 2l used Lenticular lettering for it's Supermarionation shows.

Who is the portrait of at the end of each Grimm TV show?

I believe it's a portrait of Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt, the executive producers of the show.