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call police, cry, drive away, call insurance, get out of car, pull over, and curse

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Q: What is the first thing you would do if you got in a fender bender?
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Name someone you would hate to get into a fender bender with?

Fernando Alanso

Name someone you would hate to get in a fender bender with?

police mom kids lawyer neighbor

What is the first thing you would do after a fender bender?

Make sure no one is hurt, inspect the damage, call police if necessary, and exchange insurance information.FAMILY FEUD: Call police, Cry/Scream, Drive away, Call insurance, Get out of the car,Pull over, Curse.

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What qualifies as a semi accident?

A "semi-accident" does not have a concrete definition. A small fender bender that resolves in no visible damage or harm to the drivers or automobiles, for example, would qualify as a semi-accident.

How safe is a repaired car after an accident?

It depends on the type of accident. Minor fender bender can be repaired & you will still be safe. If you get into a serious accident where is goes into the passenger or driver compartments, & u get it repaired, it probally would NOT be safe.

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