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There will be several fax numbers for GM depending on the department that you need to reach. A call to the main number will allow you to talk to a receptionist and they can give you the specific number needed.

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Q: What is the fax number for general motors corporate headquarters?
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1 800-462-8782

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The answer is 1-800-462-8782 Actually, that number is for GMC customer service, GMC being a division of General Motors, not General Motors Corporation. This is the switchboard for GM: (313) 556-5000 If you call this number looking for an executive who works for GM, the operator cannot give you the person's number but will transfer you to someone in that person's office or to that person's voicemail.

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ask google

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GM headquarters is located at the Renaissance Center in Detroit, Mich not New York.(313) 568-8000(313) 568-8600(313) 568-5600