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Build troops or attack npc

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Q: What is the fastest way to get prestige in Evony?
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Do we lose prestige when you transport resources to a person who has greater prestige than you in Evony?


How to get prestige up on evony?

build alot

Fastest way to prestige on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

Play the game! there is no fastest way!!!!!!!!!!

How much prestige do you lose when quiting an alliance in evony?

you lose 10% of your current prestige

Do prestige rise when you make troops in evony?


What is the fastest way to prestige on Call of Duty?

Lv up duma$$

How much prestige do you you get for lvl 7 walls in evony?

5k i think

Who wants to join an alliance on evony server 58 prestige must be over 30k?

i have a 2mil prestige i want to join

What's the fastest way to level up and prestige on Black Ops?

Search and destroy

How do you be successful at Evony?

by having alot of stuff at lvl9 alot of prestige and a massive army

Fastest way to reach 10th prestige in mw2?

you should do all the easy challenges you could do

How do you get prestige in Evony?

Prestige is earned from building and upgrading buildings, researching, building defences, and training troops. The higher your rank, title, and level of your Town Hall reduces the amount of prestige you recieve.