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Q: What is the fastest and easiest way to earn a ninja saga emblem?
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What is the easiest way to earn credits in metalstorm?

I've found that Survival Mode (Co-op Multiplayer) is the fastest way to earn credits. Typically I earn 500 per game and if your partner is really good you can earn alot more.

How do you earn more points for FarmVille?

the easiest and fastest way is by hacking farm villeuse this link to learn a way that works

How do you unlock stealth bomber emblem?

To earn the Stealth Bomber emblem, you must call in 25 of them. Which is killstreak challenge 3.

Do you have to be a member on Club Penguin to be a ninja?

No, you can earn the black belt and the ninja mask without being a member. That would make you a ninja, so you don't have to be a member to be a ninja

How do you earn fire emblem stage in Super Smash Bros Melee?

There is no Fire Emblem stage in Super Smash Bros Melee. Hyrule Temple has Fire Emblem background music, but it does not need to be unlocked.

When can you earn your air crystal for ninjas on club penguin?

Well you cant really earn it you have to buy it for 100 or 200 bucks and then you can began your journey on to becoming a fire ninja or fire ninja

Where is the easiest way to invest and earn money?


How do you earn 3 medals in ninja soul on facebook?

Just buy

How do you earn free gold in ninja soul on facebook?

1 you play

On club penguin what is the fastest way to earn money?

My way to make money the easiest and fastest is to go to the cove, buy the silver surfboard and then go to play freestyle. When you play freestyle, try to get up in the air really high, and swirl the mouse in a circle to do flips. At the end, I am able to make 1000 coins. :)

Can you become a ninja in ClubPenguin?

Starting November 17th you can get a pack of cards from Sensei in the Dojo. Battle other penguins and earn new belts. The more better you get the more you will become a ninja. Once you earn a blackbelt you will have to battle Sensei and if you defeat him you will become a ninja, releasing a new room. ----

How do you earn more ninja cards in club penguin?

You either have to have a code or a membership.