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Q: What is the effective treatment for cough and cold?
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Is Nasonex good for a cold or cough?

There is no reason not to use Nasonex when you have a cold or cough. It may help some, but it is not intended as treatment for a cold. If you are prescribed this medication, use it as prescribed with or without a cold.

Is it all right for a child of 7 yrs to be introduced to homeopathy treatment for cold cough?


Can biaxsig be used for treatment of cold sores?

Biaxin is an antibacterial agent, and cold sores are viral, so it is not effective for treating cold sores.

What is the cough of a common cold like?

The cough that accompanies a cold is usually intermittent and dry.

Hello cough cough cough I got a achooooo. My goodness gracious I got a cold. I want to ask you a question. How do I cough cough get rid of this....this....achooooo cold?

Take a lukewarm bath,and sip gingerale

Does Nick Jonas go out with anyone?

No he does not *cough* not til i meet him *cough cough* man where i get this cold from *cough* lol

What is the treatment of cough in a pregnant women?


What diseases can clove cure?

Clove has been used for the topical treatment of toothache. Clove has also been used for the common cold, cough, and inflammation of the mouth or throat.

Is amoxicilin used for treatment of kennel cough?

Yes, Amoxicilln is an antibiotic used to treat Kennel cough.

How can you prevent the common cough?

swallow hard and hold your breath when you feel a cough coming on - its very effective.

What part of speech is shiver and cough in the following sentence The icy cold water made us shiver and cough?

Cough is a verb because you can cough for example the man had to 'cough'.

Do you have a cold if you only have a slight cough and no other symptoms?

Not really. Unless you have a sore throat and runny nose along with the cough, then you don't have a cold.