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Q: What is the effect of low thyroxine levels?
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As thyroxine levels increase in the blood they exert negative feedback on the release of TSH by the pituitary gland. What effect will this have on the release of TSH?

As thyroxine levels increase the amount of TSH produced will decrease. On the other hand, when TSH levels increase the thyroxine levels will decrease. This is what causes the TSH/thyroxine levels to fluctuate.

How does thyroxin effect the human body?

Thyroxine is the hormone which controls the bodies metabolism. Increased thyroxine levels in the body may come about due to a tumor on/in the pituitary gland. This happens because of the hormone which stimulates the thyroid becomes over active and can lead to excess thyroxine levels

Explain why thyroxine had these effect?

dont know the answer

What effect does thyroxine have on the body?

i duno man

What hormone causes low BMR mental and physical sluggishness?

Lowered metabolic rateaccompanied by mental and physical sluggishness

What minerals have a cardiotoxic effect when their levels are to high or to low?

Potassium and calcium

Does high dosage of thyroxine medication affect blood glucose levels?


A person with a toxic goiter would have very high levels of what hormone?


Is low hemoglobin a side effect of enbrel?

My wife had low neutrophils [neutropenia] and low iron levels until she came of Enbrel.

The gland responsible for the calorigenic effect is the?

Thyroid Gland

What is low tsh?

low tsh is when you have low tinactimine sorachome hendrocytosis.

What effect would decreasing levels of estrogen and progesterone have on the female reproductive system?

The endometrium would break down due to low hormone levels.