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anemia means lack of oxygen. The cells in the body are not able to get enough oxygen, and will die if they do not get the needed oxygen. It is usually a problem with the person not having enough red blood cells(they carry the oxygen). Many people with anemia will faint, have headaches, be fatigued, appear pale, or even have an irregular heart beat.

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Q: What is the effect of anaemia on the health of a person?
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Do anti tuberculosis drugs cause anaemia?

There are many different antituberculosis drugs available. A lot of them do cause anaemia as a side effect, although some of them do not. Depending on how each drug works, the type of anaemia it causes varies. Some antituberculosis drugs that cause anaemia as a side effect are: * Cycloserine - megaloblastic anaemia * Isoniazid - haemolytic anaemia or aplastic anaemia * Pyrazinamide - sideroblastic anaemia * Rifampicin - haemolytic anaemia

Can you catch Myelodysplastic Anaemia?

No you can not catch myelodysplastic anaemia from other people, as is the case for any type of anaemia. Myelodysplatic syndromes are characterised by ineffective production of myeloid blood cells (any white blood cell, excluding lymphocytes). Anaemia is a very common side effect of this type of disease. It is thought to be caused by exposure to environmental factors such as radiation. As it is caused by a defect in the production of blood cells, this can not be passed on from person to person.

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iron deficiency anaemia with nomocytic macrocytic anaemia

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