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Steamroom is Turkish invention and a lot colder, Sauna is Finnish invention and a lot hotter place.

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Q: What is the difference in the steamroom and dry sauna?
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Should a dry sauna have a exhaust fan?

A dry sauna does not need a exhaust fan

Can you have a magazine inside a dry sauna?

In a Swedish sauna yes, in a Finnish sauna no.

Is a dry sauna OK for psoriasis?

Wet sauna is more beneficial with people with psoriasis

What are the release dates for The Steamroom - 2010?

The Steamroom - 2010 was released on: USA: 2010

Does the sauna dry out skin and hair?

No, since sauna is very humid and it makes your body sweat more.

How do you assemble a dry sauna?

Read the assembly manual.

What is the difference between wet heat an dry heat systems?

Wet heat you get in a sauna bath where there is hot rocks and water is poured over to let steam into the air. Dry heat there is very little moisture in the air. Wet heat can feel hotter but can be easier to breathe in than dry heat.

How hot should a dry sauna be?

Depends on the temperature of the sauna and on the individual. Anything between a few minutes and several hour.

What language is the word sauna comes from?

The word "sauna" comes from the Finnish language. It is a traditional Finnish practice of using a room or building to experience dry or wet heat sessions for relaxation and health benefits.

Can you read magazines in a sauna?

It is not recommended to bring magazines into a sauna as the high temperature and humidity can damage the paper and ink on the pages. It's better to focus on relaxation and letting your body enjoy the heat in a sauna.

Do you get rash by wearing sauna suit in the sauna?

Sauna suits are not meant to be worn in sauna. You are supposed to be naked in there.

What is the difference between sauna and hot tub?

A sauna is a bath that uses dry heat to induce perspiration, and steam is produced by pouring water on heated stones. A hot tub is a (usually wooden) tub, usually large enough to sit several people, that is filled with hot aerated water and often equipped with a thermostat and whirlpool. It's used for recreation or physical therapy and often found outside, like on a porch. Summary: sauna - uses steam hot tub - uses water