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Q: What is the difference between regeneration and healing?
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What is the difference between nature miracles and healing miracles?

What is the difference between nature miracle and healing miracle

The healing of a wound in a human is most similar to the process of?

Is regeneration

Is regeneration good in humans like us?

yes! healing of fractures and repair of skin wounds are examples of regeneration in humans.

What is the difference between natural and artificial regeneration of trees?

i dont't know campbell harrys was here

What does Guerrison mean in French?

do you mean "guérison" ? -> recovery, healing, regeneration, revival

What has the author Anthony J Schmidt written?

Anthony J. Schmidt has written: 'The molecular basis of regeneration' -- subject(s): Enzymes, Regeneration (Biology) 'Cellular biology of vertebrate regeneration and repair' -- subject(s): Regeneration (Biology), Wound healing

What has the author Arthur Edwin Needham written?

Arthur Edwin Needham has written: 'Regeneration and wound-healing' -- subject(s): Regeneration (Biology), Wounds, Wounds and injuries

What does mitosis provide?

Mitosis occurs to provide cells for growth, healing, and replacement for the body parts (regeneration)

What is the difference between budding and regeneration?

budding is when a part of the organism brakes off it grows and becomes identical to the organism it broke of of or when it just grows on the organism and regeneration is when a sea star losses a limb and it grows back.

What has the author Simon Sevitt written?

Simon Sevitt has written: 'Bone repair and fracture healing in man' -- subject(s): Bone regeneration, Fractures, Wound healing

What has the author Shailendra K Saxena written?

Shailendra K. Saxena has written: 'Intestinal regeneration' -- subject(s): Cell division, Cytology, Growth, Growth & development, Intestinal Mucosa, Intestines, Physiology, Regeneration, Regeneration (Biology), Wound healing

What is the difference between inflammation and regeneration of tissue?

Inflammation produces swelling, pain, redness, warmth which can occur in any part of the body. It is the result of bacteria within the tissue. Regeneration is repair after stabilizing the damaged and inflamed tissue.