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Blue topped milk is more fat, when the green top milk is semi-skimmed milk which means less fat.

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Q: What is the difference between blue and green top milk?
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What is the difference between red top milk and blue top milk?

There really is no difference. Maybe different brands made them. But Land-o-Lakes does make both blue and red caps...

What is the difference between rocka cheese and blue cheese?

Roquefort cheese is made with sheeps milk and usually has green veins of mold and is usually VERY strong flavored. Blue cheese can be made with cows, sheep, or goat milk and has penicullium mold added to the cheese and is very mild in taste.

What is the difference between protein rebonding and milk rebonding?

there is no difference between this two...

Can you taste the difference between milk with rgbh and milk without it?

not really

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the intensity of workouts

Whats the difference between carnation milk and golden brand milk?

carnation milk is not filterd as well as golden milk.

What is the difference in calcium between 1 percent and 2 percent milk?

Whole Milk

What are the colour codes for milk bottle caps?

Red is skimmed milk Green is semi skimmed milk Blue is full fat milk It's goes from least fatty milk to most fatty

What do yellow green milk and curds all have in common?

When put together they make blue cheese.

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