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A vocation and a career are not mutually exclusive. A career is the job-path that one chooses for oneself, and a vocation is one's calling. So your career choice may be to be an artist, but if you hate doing that job, it is not also your calling. However, if your chosen career is to be a businessperson and you love to do that job, then it may also be your vocation. Similarly, you may have a career and a separate vocation. Perhaps you have a job, but your real vocation is the volunteer work you do on the weekends. Vocation is also typically used to describe the choice that some make to become a priest, nun, or deacon in the Catholic church.

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A vocation is often viewed as a calling or a strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation, while a career is the professional path or journey that a person chooses to pursue in a specific field. Vocation typically refers to a deeper sense of purpose or personal fulfillment in one's work, while a career is more focused on the progression and advancement within a chosen field.

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I think a good distinction is that a career is something that requires a college degree and or graduate degrees (teacher, lawyer, doctor, etc.) A vocation is something that requires trade schooling, but not a degree (mechanic, HVAC tech, medical systems tech, etc.)

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Q: What is the difference between a vocation and a career?
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