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The "SE" has a 3.1L v6 160 hp, the "GT" has a 3.8L v6 200 hp, and the "GTP" has a supercharged 3.8L v6 240 hp.

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Q: What is the difference between a se and gtp Pontiac?
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What models are in the Pontiac Grand series?

There are two cars in the Pontiac Grand series. They are the Grand Am and Grand Prix. They have many sub models of these cars such as the SE, SLE, and GTP.

What is difference between 2002 Pontiac grandam gt and a 2004 grandam se?

looks like 2 years and 2 letters is the only difference. GT stands for grand touring and SE stands for single exhaust.

What is the difference between a 1997 Pontiac sunfire SE and a GT?

Have a look at this webpage; It has a pretty good history of Sunfire changes and options. FriPilot

What are the differences between a 98 Pontiac Sunfire GT and an SE?


What is the difference between Dodge Journey SE and SXT?

What is the difference between a Dodge Journey SE and a Dodge Journey SXT

What is the difference between Matiz Se and Se plus and that about the safety?

se has not got electric windows like the se plus,otherwise no difference.

How many gallons does a gas tank hold for a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix SE?

18 gallons of regular gas. I used to drive one. GTP's use premium because of the supercharger.

What is the difference between an SE and a GT?

for 2001 the Pontiac Grand Am came in various forms. The difference between the SE and the Gt is: (1) front and back bumpers and side matching plastic cladding. (2) The GT comes with (16) inch wheels. (3) The GT has a ram air induction system. (4)The GT speedo goes higher.

Difference between Nissan almeera and almeera se?

i just want to know the difference between nissa almeera and Nissan almeers se. can you just explain about it

Difference between Honda civic SE and SI?

...the difference is in the second letter... ;)

Is the fuel pump in a grand prix gtp and grand prix the same?

No, Supercharged GTP's require a higher flow fuel pump than GT's and SE's.

What is difference between Honda Accord EX and SE trunk size?

No difference at all.