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A mini excavator is much smaller than a normal excavator. This makes them easier to transport and far more efficient to operate so long as you're doing smaller jobs. It's also possible to use less qualified operators than is needed with a full size excavator where it's possible to really break things if you make an error.

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Q: What is the difference between a mini excavator and a normal one?
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Where do i buy a mini excavator?

Ebay does offer some mini excavators for you to purchase, or you can find another website that can sell a mini excavator.

How much weight can a mini excavator lift?

An average 3 ton mini excavator will lift approx 1400kg, almost half the weight of the machine as a general rule of thumb

Where can I find a mini excavator for sale in the Memphis, TN area?

You can find a mini excavator for sale in the Memphis, TN area by looking on They have a tremendous amount of postings in the area.

what does it cost to rent a mini excavator?

It is hard to say how much a mini excavator will cost to rent as prices very according to what type you need. When trying to rent mini excavator it depends on how long you will need the the excavator and other factors.

How to Buy a Mini Excavator?

A mini excavator is simply a digging machine and you can buy one but do so carefully because you do not want to spend more money than you have too. As a buyer, you have to consider what you are going to use the mini excavator for when you start the buying process. Mini excavators are also known as compact excavators. Simply put, the mini excavator is a powerful digging machine that is mostly used in the construction industry. Decide how deep you need the mini excavator to dig to help you make the buying decision. Prepare to find out that most mini excavators will only dig 6 to 12 feet deep. Do not spend more money on the mini excavator than you have too. Keep in mind that this type of heavy equipment can also be purchased as used construction equipment. Carefully consider the models that have the features that will help you get the job done as you prepare to buy the mini excavator. Arrange to visit or call several mini excavator dealers in your area to find out what machine will best meet your needs. Find out if there have been problems with certain dealers or manufacturers mini excavators. Ask each dealer that you visit or call for price quotes on a mini excavator. Use the price quotes as a bargaining tool to help you get the best price as you try to buy a mini excavator. Think about what type of fuel you want your mini excavator to use because diesel fuel costs more than gas. Read reviews about the mini excavators you are going to purchase and take notes. Try to visit current owners of mini excavators and ask them questions about which brands are the best. Before you buy any mini excavator, hire a mechanic to inspect the mini excavator to make sure that it is operating properly. Once the mechanic has inspected the mini excavator, select the best quoted price from the dealers. Take the machine for a test drive and go dig and lift dirt to see if works properly. Negotiate for better pricing to reduce the cost because you are spending your hard earned money. Buy the mini excavator that is going to meet your needs and keep a good working relationship with your dealer because you may need your dealer in the future. This is how you buy a mini excavator.

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What is the hourly consumption of a mini excavator?

from 3 to 6 liters of diesel

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What is the hourly fuel consumption of a John Deere 160 excavator?

Well it depends on the excavator. John Deere makes mini's all the way up to large excavators.

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How easy would it be to operate a excavator?

An excavator is a large piece of machinery and needs to be operated by a competent person. Although a mini-excavator may be managed by an amateur when doing garden excavations etc., a large excavator should only be operated by a professional with appropriate training.

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