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British TV is better and more original, like wise we don't drag series's out beyond their life. Also much of British TV is copied by America eg. Skins, Deal or No Deal, Life on mars etc.

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Q: What is the difference between British TV and American TV?
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Are their any lead roles in which American actor play in British tv shows or movie series. If not why are there better acting job in America or do British have something against American actor?

Not many American actors are on British TV. However, American directors today believe that British actors are highly skilled and trained. British actors have played roles on hit American shows like Dexter and The Walking Dead.

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the only difference between the consoles is how to plug the console into the tv and the wall, other than that there is no difference at all between the styles, im Australian and i play games from America on my ps2

Is Phineas and Ferb a british tv programme?

No, it is an American series, created by American people. But the british actors on the show, (ferb and his dad) as well as gregg sulkin on Wizards of Waverly place also star on shows on Disney channel UK. they divide their time between both.

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Is the original British version of the tv show The Office superior to the American version?

No, because the American Version won more awards than the British version.

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To have a British accent, you would need to practice imitating the sound patterns and phonetics of British English. This can involve listening to native speakers, watching British TV shows or movies, and working with a dialect coach to refine your pronunciation. Regular practice and exposure to the accent are key to developing a convincing British accent.

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for the most part yes, due to the influence of American television and Hollywood.

Is sky 1 a good thing in the US?

Sky 1 is a British television station. It has many of the same sitcoms and shows that are on American television. So, if the American stations are a good thing, the British ones must be just as acceptable.

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