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This varies based on the size and total sales volume of the dealership. Different companies have unique structures to their compensation packages. Typically a GM in an average dealership will make approximately $200,000/year. At large stores it can be as high as $500,000+ This comes from a mix of salary and performance bonuses.

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Q: What is the compensation plan for an auto dealership general manager?
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What is the average income of a sales manager in the northeast USA in a auto dealership?

The average income of a sales manager in the northeast USA in a auto dealership is $100,000 per yr. Deuces

Job description general manager auto dealer?

The general manager of an auto dealer is in charge of the whole dealership. They do the hiring and firing of all management, make short and long-term goals for the dealership, oversee monthly finances, oversee training of personnel, create creative and economical merchandise strategies and advertising, maintain a positive work atmosphere, and much more.

Where can one purchase dealership software online?

There are various types of auto dealership softwares available online. This type of software can be purchased at websites such as Auto Manager, Lease Master, and Dealership Software.

How much does an auto dealer fixed operations manager make?

typically 70-100k depending on how big the dealership is

What do auto manager jobs entail?

Auto manager jobs are going to entail a variety of responsibilities. Generally auto managers are going to be sales managers, which means they will be in charge of running a sales floor at an auto dealership. They may also manage repairs and other details of the auto business.

How much does an auto dealer service manager make?

Depends on the size of the dealership and where the dealership is located. Large populated city anywhere from $100,000-$175,000 65 hour work week.

Who is the current general manager of GMC auto maker?

Brian K. Sweeney was appointed the position of general manager of GMC as of December 17, 2009. He had been sales manager since mid 2008.

How much money does a auto dealer general manager earn?

The average General Manager of a new car franchise makes about $240k per year. A General Manager running an extremely profitable store can make $500k-1 million.

What is the salary for a sales manager of a car dealership?

No sales manager of a franchise dealership these days making less than 100K per year - no matter what is the pay plan are, if so that's mean that person either new and will not be holding that position for any longer. Sales Manager makes around 120-150K, whereas GSM making 150K to around 250K. Good F&I manager makes around 120-170K depending on the volume of the dealership. There are a lot of money to be made in the auto retail industry

What are some Richmond, Virginia auto dealers selling imports?

The Casey Auto group is an excellent dealership in Richmond, Virigina for imports. Select Auto Imports is another great auto dealership in the area.

How do you get a loan to buy a auto dealership?

No. Not if you have the cash.

Where is Hudson Auto dealership located?

The Hudson Auto dealership is located in many cities across the United States of America. Some of the states where Hudson Auto is located would be in Ohio or in South Carolina.