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12 Pack (Dave) David Amerman 26 11  Flex TJ Markiewicz[3] 22 11  London Joshua Lee 30 11 (Withdrew Ep. 4; Returned Ep. 9)* Sinister Derrick Tribbett 24 10 Episode 10 Chi Chi Branden Mathena[4][5] 29 09 Episode 9 Big Rig Jeremiah Riggs 25 08 Episode 8 Fox Daniel Alfonso[6][7] 29 07 Episode 7 6 Gauge Chris Kummer 29 06 Episode 6 Cage Aric Nelson 25 05 Episode 5 (Withdrew) Tool Box Miguel Angel[8] 29 03 Episode 3 Cable GuyRandall Logan 33 03 Episode 3 Brooklyn Christopher Cas[9] 23 03 Episode 3 (Withdrew) Professor Brandon Cabeza[10] 22 02 Episode 2 Weasel Pauly 36 02 Episode 2 FlipperMike Gaboff 22 02 Episode 2 (Withdrew) Torch Kenn Younger 36 01 Episode 1 Dropout Tristan Trouble 22 01 Episode 1 '86 Izzy Landeberg 25 01 Episode 1 '85 Rock Landeberg 25 01 Episode 1 '84 Kelli Landeberg 25 01 Episode 1

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Q: What is the characters from daisy of love real names?
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What are real names of characters in the jump in films?

The main characters real names are Corbin Bleu and Keke Palmer!!

What is flex's reall name on daisy of love?

Flex's real name on "Daisy of Love" is Marc.

What is cage real name from daisy of love?

Daisy De La Hoya

What is Sinister from Daisy of Love's real name?

Derrick Tribbett.

What are the real names of the Fonejacker characters?

Kayvan Novak plays all of the characters

What is flex's real name off of daisy of love?

TJ Markiewicz.

What is Cable Guys from Daisy of Love real name?

Randall Logan.

What is big rig's real name from daisy of love?

Jeremiah Riggs.

Why did they use the names of Rose and Jack instead of the real names?

Because there are no real names for Jack and Rose. They are fictional (make-believe) characters.

What is 86's real name off of daisy of love?

Izzy Landeberg.

What are the real names of the characters in Breaking Dawn?

bella swan

What are the characters real names off Icarly?

Nathan Kress