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Many things can cause transfer case grinding; shift forks, broken gears, bad bearings, anything really considering a transfer case is made up primarily of gears, sprockets, chain, and bearings. Hope this helps!


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Q: What is the cause of transfer case grinding while engaging?
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What can cause a grinding noise in your front wheels while moving?

A small child

What makes your car make a grinding noise instead of starting?

starter not engaging flywheel properly. Replace starter, Checking for damage to flywheel while starter is removed.

99 cavalier-- grinding-knocking while driving while jacked up no grinding-knocking but wheels don't turn evenly could this be the axle bearings or something in the transmission or transfer case?

check CV joints, if bad replace shafts and joints assembly

What would cause your car to make a grinding sound while turning your wheel to the right while driving only?

The grinding is a worn CV joint. Get it replaced before it causes more damage! A worn wheel bearing will make the same noise answer worn wheel bearings or worn brake pads will be the cause

What would cause a squealing sound after prematurely grinding a manual transmission truck into gear while accelerating?

main shaft bearing

What would cause a grinding noise coming from the front right or left when making sharp turns in your Chevy Blazer?

If the grinding is only while turning *not* while applying the brakes, I'd say check the CV joints? If it is while breaking, check your disc pads. Ina any event, good luck with it.

What would cause Grinding in wheel while driving?

Your brakes are dragging, likely the pads are worn down to the steel. Hope this is helpful,

What would cause your transfer case to bust into pieces while driving your 97 tj wrangler?

Bad u joint Transfer case was out of fluid,

What is difference between trituration and levigation?

levigation is wet grinding while trituration is dry grinding

What do you do if a boy comes on you while grinding?

kick him out of bed

What would cause your car to have a grinding noise come from the tier while driving and also pull toward the driver side?

sounds like you need new brakes

What would cause your car to make a grinding sound while traveling at speeds under 35 mph?

Are we talking about the front wheels or the rear? Have you checked your wheel bearings?