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Q: What is the caste of super star Krishna?
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What nicknames does Krishna Ghattamaneni go by?

Krishna Ghattamaneni goes by Super Star, and Nata Shekara.

What is the caste of ghattamaneni Krishna?


Goriparthi surname belongs to which caste?

It comes from lord Krishna's origin. They are the decendents of lord Krishna (Kshathriyas - Warrior Clan).

What is the caste of Krishna vamsi?

i think he is NAIDU'S

Which hero has acted more in Telugu?

Super star Krishna - A hero in more than 360 movies

Which caste does actor sarathkumar belongs to?

he belongs to yadava ancient caste lord krishna also belongs to that caste they are mostly vaishnavates and told themself as descends of krishna

To which caste does Sangoju surname belongs in Krishna district?

viswa brahmins

What was caste of trisha?

Hindhu Yadava, Because of lord krishna is a yadav

Can a vellalar girl married to be yadhavar boy?

no vellalar caste is sudra in hindu varna and yadhava are rich and kshatriya caste they are lineage of lord krishna.

What has the author L A Krishna Iyer written?

L. A Krishna Iyer has written: 'The Travancore tribes and castes' -- subject(s): Travancore, India, Ethnology, Caste

What is the Caste of Sri KrishnaDevaRayalu?

Sri Krishna Deva is from Balija Caste. He is not from Yadava Caste. Yadava caste did no rule in south India at all. The word Yadava used is regarding a Vamsa and not caste at all. Sri Krishan Deva Raya came from Tulava Vamsa . These is some relationship between Bunts and Balijas. Both Kannada Balijas and Telugu Balija. This has to be researched . Sri Krishna Deva Raya is not a Kshtriya at all as claimed by a lady on TV Channel.

Surname penneru belongs to which caste in Krishna district of andhra pradesh?

penneru surname mostly covered in the area of Gudlavalleru in Krishna District those who are belongs to Kapu community