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48 hole bolt tightening seqence

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Q: What is the bolt tightening sequence for 48 hole flange?
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How you find the pcd of flange?

PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) is the diameter of a circle that goes through each of the bolt holes. You can find it by measuring distance from centre of one bolt hole to the centre of opposite end bolt hole...

How do you define the nut bolt size?

according to hole dia and flange thickness we divide the dia and length of bolt. normally 1.25 less in dia and 1.25 add in length

What is the bolt tightening sequence for 44 hole flange?

Begin tightening by rotating nuts clockwise, choosing one bolt first, then choosing the bolt 180° opposite second. then one at 90° and then the one 180° from that. Then step over one nut from the first nut tightened (decide for yourself clockwise or counter-clockwise) and continue the same pattern as with the first four. .... Number the flange clockwise with this sequence: 1, 13, 25, 9, 17, 5, 33, 21, 3, 15, 27, 11, 31, 19, 7, 35, 23, 2, 26, 10, 30, 18, 6, 34, 22, 4, 16, 28, 12, 32, 20, 8, 36 & 24. Now tighten in the criss cross pattern using the numbers. continue to increase torque and go through the pattern until you reach your final torque.

How do you make a bolt fit into a larger hole?

I would get a larger bolt. I would get a larger bolt. If I wanted to make a bolt fit into a larger hole, I would use a SMALLER bolt than the hole.

What size hole is needed for a toilet flange?

At least 3 in. drain pipe

Does toilet have to be removed to install new floor?

Yes that's what the flange sit on and get bolted onto that is why if you remove the toilet/flange you will see a hole in your floor

Why are bolt holes for a flange never placed on the vertical?

I would say because there has to be a standard method of installing flanges that everyone needs to follow. For the simple reason when installing or replacing items such as valves with welded or otherwise fixed flanges, if there was no standard the replacement valve would be 1/8 of a turn or 45 degrees off center if the piping flange bolt holes were on the verticle and the valve flange bolt holes were not. This would be in the case of 4 or 8 bolt flanges.Also in the case of non flanged valves where long bolts pass thru both flanges and squeeze the valve to make the seal a vertically placed bolt hole would interfere with the valve operator or handle preventing the valve from being mounted straight up, down or horizontally.

What causes oil pan hole to be stripped?

Over tightening the drain plug.

What is the bolt pattern for a 1996 Honda Accord Coupe Are some 5 hole and some 4 hole?

bolt pattern is: 4X114.3 - four hole.

What is the name of the hole in a nut and bolt set?

It's a threaded hole.

What is the hole for in the stock of an mauser 8mm?

Buttstock hole is for bolt disassembly

Where is toilet flange measured to?

Center of the hole to the back wall behind the tank. Should be 12 inches.